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The New Hampshire Optometric Association (NHOA) and the American Optometric Association (AOA) produce news releases
on topics of interest to consumers.  Here are links to a recent news release:

The American Optometric Association estimates that as much as 80% of the learning a child does occurs through his or her eyes. Reading, writing, chalkboard work, and using computers are among the visual tasks students perform daily. A child’s eyes are constantly in use in the classroom and at play. When his or her vision is not functioning properly, education and participation in sports can suffer. 

School holiday breaks provides good opportunities for parents to have their children’s eyes examined. 

Additional Resources

Below is a link to a video Public Service Announcements produced by the New Hampshire Optometric Association, featuring NBA standout player Matt Bonner, promoting regular eye examinations for good eye health and success in life.

For further information on eye examinations, eye diseases or vision conditions, the New Hampshire Optometric Association, or to download the PSA for re-broadcast, please contact the New Hampshire Optometric Association at 603-964-2885 or